Located just outside the vibrant and growing city of Peterborough and close to the town of March, Whittlesey is bordered to the north by the River Nene and to the south by the Whittlesey Dyke.  

Whittlesey itself has its own weekly market in the market square and holds the unique local festival of the ‘Straw Bear’ (or ‘Strawbower’) each January which takes over much of the town and supports an annual duck race! 

Before the draining of the fens, Whittlesey was an island of dry ground encircled by the marshy fens. Interestingly, excavations of nearby Flag Fen indicate thriving local settlements as far back as 1000 BC. In more recent times Whittlesey was linked to Peterborough in the west and March in the east by the Roman Fen Causeway which was probably built in the 1st century AD.    

The town benefits from its own rail station which links directly with Ely and Peterborough and provides quick access to Cambridge, London and Stansted Airport. Road users are within easy reach of both the A47 and A1. 

The town has its own thriving secondary school, Sir Harry Smith Community College, and supports a number of primary and nursery schools.  

Retail and Leisure
For those who enjoy getting outside, Whittlesey is ideally located close to the fenlands which offer numerous walks and waterways to explore. The town is very well situated for new homeowners to take advantage of all that nearby Peterborough has to offer. Cinemas, retail outlets and theatres are all within easy reach.


Current Developments

Whittlesey Green, Whittlesey


Nearby Developments

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