Give Your Bathroom a New Look

Ah, the bathroom! What does yours look like? A spa-like den of tranquillity? Or a dumping ground of towels, empty shampoo bottles and bath toys? If you are like most people, it’s probably somewhere in the middle. The bathroom can sometimes be the forgotten room when it comes to redecorating and refreshing – and for good reason. If you are decorating yourself, a living room wall is a far simpler prospect than navigating your way around sinks, baths and toilets with a paintbrush or roller.

But your bathroom is an important space – whether it’s used for relaxation or family time – and it deserves a new lease of life! If a full renovation isn’t on the cards, a lick of paint can make a big difference. We have suggestions for on-trend new home bathrooms paint colour, whether you’re into bold bright hues or subdued neutrals.


Okay, so we’re starting off safe – but it’s a classic for a reason! White can actually look very striking and sophisticated, particularly if you mix things up with different textures and shapes. Avoid adding bright coloured accessories as this can cheapen the look. Instead, warm things up by using soft neutrals or natural materials like light wood or bamboo.


Grey has been popular for some time now and the trend is not over yet (at least not for bathrooms!) A soft, light grey works best and lends itself to almost any colour accessories. We especially like the mix of light grey and dark wood to create a classic look.

Bright Blue

Think something along the lines of cerulean blue – the colour of the sea on holiday! This colour transports you to the beach and creates a relaxed, happy vibe. Perfect for family bathrooms! You could pare it back with crisp white tones, or go all in with splashes of bright colours and nautical accents for a true beach hut style.


Choosing a sage green is one way of bringing the outside in. It speaks of nature and the earth and it is a very cool and calming colour too. It works well with other nature-inspired colours, so your browns, stone, sand and taupe.


This is a very different hue to the sage green mentioned above. A mint green is fresh, bright and fun, and a more modern alternative to the light blue that has been used so often in bathrooms. The mint gives that same relaxed, spa-like feeling without being over-used.

Sunny Yellow

No, we don’t mean a pale primrose shade, we’re talking a bright wake-you-up-in-the-morning marigold yellow! This is a happy, playful colour that works best if you have a larger space. Keep it looking classy with bright white accents and accessories.

Rose Pink

Granted, you have to be careful with pink to avoid it venturing into barbie dreamhouse territory. A soft pink colour can create a feeling of warmth, however, and it brings an attractive glow to a room that can too often be cold and clinical. Pair pink walls with stone accessories to toughen it up a little.


Taupe is a good choice for you if you lean towards neutral colours but feel like being a bit braver! It’s a warm, modern take on the beige/grey trends of recent years. Keep your accessories neutral – a lighter version of the taupe you have chosen for the walls will contribute to the earthy feel of the room.

Remember: Always go for a bathroom paint to protect from mold and mildew!

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