Kitting Out Your Kitchen – The Essentials!

The kitchen is the heart of pretty much every home. And, If you are like most people, you probably have a collection of mismatched pots, pans and cooking utensils that you have accumulated over the years. Maybe you ‘borrowed’ a few items from your parent’s house when you moved out or have been gifted various bits and pieces. If you took stock, you might realise that you don’t actually need or use half the stuff you own! And you could be missing equipment that would make life in the kitchen much easier.

Whether you are a first-time homeowner starting from scratch, or a downsizer who needs to streamline your kitchen cupboards – here is our list of the kitchen essentials for a new home. Start with the basics – you can add your KitchenAids and coffee machines later!


Don’t go overboard with these. Go for quality over quantity. A small, medium and large saucepan and a decent sized frying pan is all you really need. Make sure at least one of your pans is non-stick, but remember the coating does wear off with use!

Baking trays and dishes

You need a couple of trays for roasting vegetables, cooking a roast or baking cookies! Deep glass dishes are perfect for casseroles and pasta bakes.


Specifically, you want one good quality chef’s knife. Do not cheap out on this item, it’s worth spending a bit more because you will probably use this every day. You may also want to invest in a serrated knife for slicing bread and a paring knife for cutting up fruit and other soft foods.

Chopping boards

Choose wood, plastic or bamboo, but make sure you have a few of these assigned to different foods. We like the colour coded ones – red for meat, green for vegetables, white for bread etc.


You probably don’t need as many of these as you think. As long as you have one each of the following, you’ll get by:

Wooden spoon




Fish slice


Cutlery, glasses, cups and dinnerware

The key thing here is to avoid having an entire cupboard full of mismatched mugs, especially if you only use the same one or two every time you make a tea or coffee! Same goes for plates and knives and forks. Get rid of chipped plates, scratched glasses and excess cutlery.

Food containers

Storage containers are great for storing leftovers and batch cooking. Throw away any that don’t have matching lids and make sure you have decent ones that don’t leak.

Digital weighing scales

These are inexpensive and a must-have if you plan to follow recipes that require you to weigh out ingredients. Some things you can guess, but it’s always good to know you can be precise when you need to be.

Tin opener

You don’t need an electric one! Just a bog standard tin opener gets the job done just as well.

Mixing bowls

Stainless steel or glass are your best bet – one or two large ones will suffice, and they also double up as salad bowls.

Kettle and toaster

Two items you are likely to use a lot, so invest in good quality ones that will last and which will look nice on your kitchen counter!

Oven mitts

Do not be tempted to use a tea towel – you will burn your hands!

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