Posted on 24 Oct 2017

Larkfleet Homes elevating house in the news

An artists impression of how the elevating house would look.

The news that Larkfleet Homes has received planning permission for its revolutionary elevating house, to be built on land near Spalding, Lincolnshire has hit the headlines.

National daily newspapers, including The Times, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Metro and the Daily Mirror, have covered the story of the elevating house, which could help bring thousands of acres of flood-prone land into development.

Work on constructing the house, which will sit on a steel ring beam in place of conventional foundations, is set to start early in 2018. Experiments with raising and lowering the house – including testing long-term maintenance and operation of the jacking system – will run for up to five years.


It is anticipated that houses of this design would be jacked up well ahead of the arrival of flood waters, based on advance warnings from organisations such as the Environment Agency. However, the mechanical jacking system – powered by a central motor, gear box and drive shafts – could lift the 65 tonne house to the full 1.5 metre height above ground in less than five minutes.


Rooftop solar panels and a battery would provide the house with some continuing electricity supply when raised above the ground and the water and sewage would remain connected through flexible hoses.


Karl Hick, CEO of The Larkfleet Group of Companies, said: “The elevating house effectively eliminates the risk of flood damage to homes so that more land across the country can be approved for future home building. This will help to tackle the ‘housing crisis’ that is being caused by the demand for new housing far exceeding the supply.”

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