Posted on 01 Nov 2017

Larkfleet pulls out all the stops for Jack

Mrs Allen pictured outside her new home - We can’t fault the excellent and thoughtful service we received from Larkfleet Homes..

Larkfleet Homes pulled out all the stops for Mr and Mrs Allen and their son Jack when they moved into their new Larkfleet home at Bourne Heights.

Jack is autistic and therefore has very specific needs. The Allen family moved to Bourne Heights from a rural location to have more living space which would help to meet those needs. They also wanted to be closer to amenities while at the same time being close to the woodland and country walks that Jack enjoys.

The upheaval that comes with moving home could have proved to be unsettling and traumatic for him. Larkfleet staff pulled out all the stops to make the move go as smoothly as possible and reduce any distress to Jack.

The Larkfleet team took Mrs Allen’s family’s needs, and especially Jack’s, into account with the support and service they gave them on every step of their purchasing journey.

Initially, the Allens were worried at the thought of moving home but Mrs Allen said they needn’t have been concerned. Larkfleet Homes made the purchase and moving process smooth. Sales staff provided constant reassurance every step of the way. And opting for part-exchange made things even easier for them.

Mrs Allen said: “Larkfleet homes provided a fantastic service. The team was really accommodating to Jack’s needs. Before we moved a Larkfleet contractor noticed that there was no chain on the door and put one on for us. Jack sometimes runs out into the road and this will help to stop him doing that.

“There was also a small snagging list which was dealt with very quickly and efficiently. Each of the contractors was very understanding of Jack’s autism and very respectful of his needs. They did everything they could to help him stay settled throughout.”

Maureen Dickens from Larkfleet’s Bourne Heights sales office said: “Mr and Mrs Allen’s son is autistic so moving to a new house was something of a challenge. Mrs Allen said that everyone from the site and the sub-contractors that returned to do small jobs were incredibly considerate and understanding. One contractor even downed tools when Jack got upset when he initially started work. The contractor returned later to complete the work once Jack was settled.”

Mrs Allen added: “Everyone turned up when they said they would and did what they were supposed to do. We can’t fault the excellent and thoughtful service we received from Larkfleet Homes.”

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